RULES and REGULATIONS ref.- 2014-15


All competitions
and parties shall be governed by FIFA rules in the following link:




Players competitions SPORTS LA PAVA can be signed to an unlimited number of computers with a caveat: the player can not belong to the template
more of a team block of the same newspaper.

When a team because of insufficient staff, ask for permission before the captain of the opposing party so you can play in this game a player from the same league but different equipment and access it, the result will be for good.

The transfer can be made keeping in mind the rules at any time during the competition, except in the last 3 days of the phase which is contesting.

To register a player is required to enroll and go through the office to photo

SPORTS LA PAVA will record all the players and conduct random checks when. This control will only personnel SPORTS LA PAVA. Shall be punished with the loss of the match (5-0) team that does not have their registered players in the league.




All players participating in competition must wear one on their shirts
number identifying them. This digit must be the same throughout
championship. Logically, two or more players of the same team can not
bear the same number. The lack of repetitive dorsal mean the
impossibility of play.

When it matches the color of kit, the referee awarded the team bibs listed in
Arbitration minutes away.

Shoes: are only permitted are canvas or leather with rubber soles or other
similar material and surface smooth or multi-plug-room f / 7. In no case be permitted to play with boots with heels or multi-taco big soccer.




They approved the schedule of the competition all those taking part in it, understand contracted
the obligation to play it in full, of this commitment born homework
reciprocal to appear on all parties with the best team in
each case and play them in full, trying to overcome any difficulties
arise for the more effective implementation of these sports duties.




All teams must be submitted ten minutes before the time set for the match. in the
It assumes that a team is not present in the field at the scheduled time for the start of the meeting, will be given 10 minutes. After the deadline without appearing instead set him without any news, will present the status field to delegate to jointly make a decision and that the Competition Committee fails accordingly. The present set can use the field at that time (no other day) to play a friendly between them and the result will be 5-0 for the team present.

When a team this afternoon and it is played in game with official or friendly character, it
It may not exceed the estimated time for the next meeting. If it can be
take time to rest, notice where the official referee. all
friendly matches not arbitrate.




The repeated and unjustified failure to appear for the league will mean expulsion from the
Competition offending team losing it all rights and deposit.

The justification of appearance decided by the Competition Committee.

The failure in a game will mean a sporting level, the loss of it by 5-0 and
loss of half of the deposit.

Forfeit means the excessive delay reach the individual in charge, as
the no-show, no call at least 3 hours in advance to cancel the pre-match and tempus neglect, alleging any cause or disagreement.

When a team loses the deposit that amount must be reset within a maximum 1
week. The portion of the deposit will be added to the account of the opposing team.

The deposit will only go to one of the two teams when a team is this, when you call less than 3 hours before kickoff or when the opposing team does not have
enough players to play the game.

If it should happen that the two teams, without good cause, fails to appear
are punishable not play the game and loss of deposit



The parties can only be postponed to 2 weeks in advance. It is understood that the judgment of the committee and force majeure very restricted which must provide appropriate proof may make exceptions.

Rain is never cause for postponement or cancellation of matches unless the responsible party or the Sports staff it deems Pava. The matches will be played at maximum 2 weeks of the official calendar date, otherwise the team will forfeit the match postponed (5-0).



They are responsible for enforcing the regulations.
The matches will last 20 minutes I run part time only it will stop
for a greater cause injury or a player. The rest will be 5
minutes. Before, during and at the end of the meeting until the players
are in their respective locker rooms must punish all incidents
to pass against him or any player stating in
record everything that happened to sanction actions both inside and
off the field and avoid insults or attacks at the end
the meeting.


You will only be allowed to be on the field the players and coach, so the referee may at any time require that anyone who is not entitled to be on the bench is absent from it.

The same indication is authorized to make any person entitled to be on the bench but very conduct, in the opinion of the referee, do not you deserve for it.

Any player who has been expelled or sanctioned with a match should watch your behavior once you are off the field, inside or outside the premises may be sanctioned by the organization even if calleo dress has not played the game. He himself is
responsible for their behavior. And every team is responsible for
behavior of their fans.


In every team there will be a master or person who will be the only one that is directed to the referee and committee always with due respect.



The score you get in the competition will be as follows:


Won: 3 points
Drawn Game: 1 point
Lost Game: 0 points
In case of a tie in the points classification for equal
between 2 or more teams tie the following formulas will be used by the
following order:


Goal average direct
Goal difference (goals for minus goals against)
Goals scored
Runoff or penalties depending on the league.
If any equipment was replaced during the competition, the team shall inbound classification and team calendar substituted.




All those facts or circumstances that might motivate irregular sanctions or alter
scores, standings or championship the same development will be
studied by the committee; so that the latter will announce the scope of
decisions, as well as to officers or the results or events,
studying each particular case.


The penalties shall be served in the next game of the penalties, which are independently
normal schedule meetings, delayed or advanced.


All championship games that once started were suspended for any reason, the
Committee has the power to order repeat or terminate such set
the date of its continuation.


For reasons very
diverse, but always negative, such as violence,
repeated failure to appear, non-sporting, etc … the
Committee may determine the expulsion of any team in the Competition
losing it the deposit of 2 matches Likewise if a team decides
leave the league early also forfeit the entire deposit,
the rest of the already paid and no play will make league return once
Sports La Pava have substitute.




The party does not start if one team has fewer than three players. (NEW)



Team players not kickoff should be 3 meters from the ball.

Kick-start or kickoff can not be directly scoring (NEW).




Fouls penalized with an indirect free kick

An indirect free kick to the opposing team if a goalkeeper commits
one of the following four offenses:

• controls the ball with his hands or feet in his own half of the
playing surface for more than four seconds.

after playing the ball, returns to play in their own half of the pitch following a deliberate pass from a teammate without the ball has been played or touched by an opponent (NEW) if the ball past the midfield is exceeded
I could go back to play with the goalie, now you can not play back to
ball in your field, if field otherwise.

• touches the ball with his hands in his own penalty area after a player
of his team he has deliberately kicked.

• touches the ball with his hands in his own penalty area after having received
directly from a throw thrown by a fellow

Is also awarded an indirect free kick to the opposing team if a player,
in the opinion of the referees:

• plays in a dangerous manner against an opponent

• impedes the progress of an opponent

• prevents the goalkeeper from releasing the ball from his hands

• If the referee stops the match by an insult or a protest being the
ball possession team making the protest or insulting referee
It will stop the bout immediately without leaving advantage cautions or expel the
Indirect free player and point from where the protest occurs
or insult. If the ball rests with the team that does the action will
advantage and take disciplinary action when the game is stopped.

If, when a free kick or throw an opponent is more
closer to the ball than the required distance states (5 meters):

• the kick is retaken and caution the offending

If a team has 4 fouls and applies the law to the advantage for a foul
cumulative and following the move will come back to do a cumulative lack that
be no lack serious barrier as the 6th accumulated foul (although
has not been advised of the 5th team foul)

A player is cautioned if he commits any of the following seven offenses:

• unsporting behavior

• dissent by word or action

• persistently infringes the Laws of Futsal

• delaying the restart of play

• failure to respect the required distance when a long
corner, free kick or throw (defending players)

• entering or re-entering the pitch without the referees’ permission or infringes the substitution procedure

• deliberately leaving the pitch without the referees’ permission

A substitute is cautioned if he commits any of the following four offenses:

• unsporting behavior

• dissent by word or action

• delaying the restart of play

• enter the playing surface contravention procedure


A player or substitute is sent off if he commits any of the following seven offenses:

• is guilty of serious foul play

• is guilty of violent conduct

• spitting at an opponent or any other person

Hand • denying a goal or denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity (this does not apply to a goalkeeper within his own penalty area)

• denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity to an opponent goes towards the player’s goal by an offense punishable by a free kick or penalty kick

• using offensive language, insulting or abusive and / or gestures of the same nature

• receiving a second caution in the same match, a substitute will be expelled for committing the following offense:

• denying the opposing team a goal or obvious goal scoring opportunity a player or substitute ejected must leave the vicinity of the field of play and the technical area.

On all fouls the player has 4 seconds after the ball is planted
on the right and this place ready to be played, if more than 4 second delay indirect free-kick is signaled for the
opposing team from the spot of the foul.



May not be scoring directly from a throw.

Player positions

The opponents must be:

• on the pitch

• no closer than 5 m from the place of the sideline where the kick is executed


a type of procedure:

• Throw foot

Position in the kick

At the time of kicking the ball, the thrower:

• have one foot on the touch line or on the outside of the playing surface.

• Kick the ball, which must be stationary, either from the spot where he left the pitch, well outside it to a distance not exceeding 25 cm of the site

• take the kick within four seconds later be in a position to

Offences and penalties

If an opponent is closer to the ball when executing a throw
which provides the required distance:

• the kick is repeated by the same team and the offender, unless it can apply the advantage or commit an offense punishable by a free kick or a penalty kick by the opponent when executing team is cautioned.

If an opponent unfairly distracts or impedes the thrower band:

• he is cautioned for unsporting behavior

Any infringement procedure throw:

• the kick shall be taken by a player of
opposing team

If you exceed 4 seconds to run a corner will be given an indirect free kick from the corner but if the corner is made bad thing that the band never repeats repeats.


Substitutions PROCEDURE.

Substitutions should be made from 5 meters midfield
toward the goal that one defends and the player can never enter this
off the field before the player who is on track. If it is not the
Replacement from the place or go before this fellow is out
cautions the incoming player and indirect foul shall be from the place
where the ball was.