RULES and REGULATIONS ref.- 2014-15

All competitions and parties are governed by the provisions of this REGULATIONS notwithstanding the additional rules that dictate use of his faculties, in each case, SPORTS LA PAVA.


Players competitions SPORTS LA PAVA can be signed to an unlimited number of computers with a caveat: the player can not belong to the group of more than one team in the same journal block.

When a computer, numerical insufficiency of staff, asks permission before the captain of the opposing party for any player to play in the same league but belonging to another computer and access it, the result will be for good.

The transfer can be made keeping in mind the rules at any time during the competition, except in the last 3 days of the phase which is contesting.

To register a player is required to enroll and go through the office to take the picture of the player.

SPORTS LA PAVA will record all the players and conduct random checks. This control will only personnel SPORTS LA PAVA. Shall be punished with the loss of the match (3-0) team that does not have their registered players in the league.


All players participating in competition have to wear a number that identifies them on their shirts. This digit must be the same throughout the season. Logically, two or more players of the same team can not wear the same number. The lack of repetitive dorsal mean the inability to play.
When it matches the color of kit, the referee awarded the team bibs contained in the Arbitration Act away.

Shoes: are only permitted sneakers or rubber-soled leather or similar material with a smooth surface or multi-plug-room f / 7. In no case be permitted to play with boots with heels or multi-taco big soccer.


Approved the schedule of the competition all those taking part in it, understand the obligation contracted to play it in full, of this commitment born of reciprocal duties to appear on all parties with the best equipment possible in each case and play them in full, striving to exceed few difficulties may arise for the effective discharge of these duties sport.


All teams must be submitted ten minutes before the time set for the match. In the event that a team is not present in the field at the scheduled time for the start of the meeting, will be granted a margin of 5 to 10 minutes. After the deadline without appearing instead set him without any news, will present the status field to delegate to jointly make a decision and that the Competition Committee fails accordingly. The present set can use the field at that time (no other day) to play a friendly between them and the result will be 3-0 for the team present.
When a team this afternoon and it is played in game with official or friendly nature, it can not last longer than the time set for the next meeting. If you can take time to rest, when notice of the arbitrator’s official. No friendly match arbitrate.


The repeated and unjustified failure to appear for the league will mean expulsion from the Competition offending team losing it all rights and deposit.

The justification of appearance decided by the Competition Committee.

The failure in a game will mean a sporting level, the loss of it by 3-0 and the loss of half the deposit.
Forfeit means the excessive delay reach the individual in charge, as no show, no call at least 3 hours in advance to cancel the pre-match and tempus neglect, alleging any cause or disagreement.

When a team loses the deposit that amount must be reset within a maximum period of 1 week. The portion of the deposit will be added to the account of the opposing team.

The deposit will only go to one of the two teams when a team is this, when you call less than 3 hours before kickoff or when the opposing team does not have enough players to play the game.

If it should happen that the two teams, without good cause, fails to appear were not punishable play the game and loss of reservoir.

The parties can only be postponed to 2 weeks in advance. It is understood that the judgment of the committee and force majeure very restricted which must provide appropriate proof may make exceptions.
Rain is never cause for postponement or cancellation of matches unless the responsible party or the Sports staff it deems Pava. The matches must be played on most 2 weeks of the date that marks the official calendar. Otherwise the team will forfeit the match postponed, 5-0.


The referee is responsible for leading the party. He punishes the faults deem just its interpretation, control the game time, he cautions the players who commit fouls and a repeatedly ejected from the field to take an aggressive or profane behavior.

You will only be allowed to be on the field the players and coach, so the referee may at any time require that anyone who is not entitled to be absent from his bench. The same indication is authorized to make any person entitled to be on the bench but whose conduct, in the opinion of the referee, do not you deserve for it.

Any player who has been expelled or sanctioned with a match should watch your behavior once you are off the field, inside or outside the premises may be sanctioned by the organization even if it is dressed in street or have not played the game. He himself is responsible for his behavior. And every team is responsible for the behavior of their fans.


In every team there will be a master or person responsible will be the only one that is directed to the referee and the Committee, always with due respect.

A team consists of 7 players on the field.

To begin each team must be present a minimum of 5 players.

During the match will carry out all the changes that players want without alerting the referee. The entry and exit of players will be in the middle of the field whenever the ball is far away and wait for your partner is out to gain entry.


The duration of the match shall be 50 minutes, and 25 part 5 of rest.

The timing of the match will be the responsibility of the referee.


Will run only if a team was penalized with a penalty or double penalty but once made ​​the launch 2nd no option to kick,
if the ball does not enter and becomes blocked by the keeper and post.


Yellow Card: equivalent to a reprimand. Two yellow cards in one game and one player red card equivalent to being able to play the next game.

Red Card: equivalent to expulsion for assaulting the referee or a contrast both physically and verbally. The player will leave the field and may not be replaced. The penalty will be decided by the committee and shall be at least 1 game in expulsion from the tournament.

A player who has been punished with a red bench may not remain in or out of the field having the obligation to go to the locker room, being the chief or captain of the team who ensure that appropriate.

Captain will be responsible for facilitating identification of the player in case that was not clear, otherwise penalties will accrue to the captain to be penalties for cards (red or 4 yellow).

The referee may punish when the match ended but not show the card to the player, with this measure we want to avoid persecution and the referee disqualified both on and off the field and also off-site.


The GOL SI is valid provided that these conditions are met:

- When dialing from within the boundary lines of the pitch.
– When the ball take a bounce and a player or referee from, but the release is the center or the other half of the field.
– When it launches center and between the ball without anyone touching it.

The GOL is NOT valid as long as these conditions are met:

- When dialing from outside the boundary lines of the pitch.
– When you enter directly from the launch of a Pass.
– When the referee previously indicated a foul but the ball between.
– When entering directly from a goal kick.


- Whenever the ball is touched, ultimately by a player belonging to the team that occupies half of the track that it has left.

The corner will launch with the foot.

There is no offside.

The Pass is launched with the quiet, open or closed toes, but the arms have to go back and forth, throwing the ball over his head. When the kick will not be valid for the opposing team.

In Pass the opposing player will be placed 3 meters.

The door kick you made ​​any defending player with the ball planted anywhere in the goal area. The ball is in play when it exceeds the penalty, if touched before the launch must be repeated. If the referee feels that the purpose is the loss of time intentioned caution the player who violates this rule.

In the penalty shot all players except the one who has to kick and the goalkeeper, shall be located outside the penalty area and the area of the semicircle. There is the possibility of rebound, considering that the launcher will be the only one who will not come off if no goalkeeper.

All free kicks are direct, standing seven meters barrier.

When the team committed his fifth foul in the same period of time will be advised that from the next kick will be direct without barrier.

The sixth foul will be launched at a distance of 14 meters to be a direct shot on goal (double penalty). In the penalty double faults all players will be placed behind the midfield line. They may not cross this line until the pitcher has hit the ball. Depending on the equipment that violates the rule applies the referee shall award a goal or will repeat. These rules also apply in the penalty shot. There is the possibility of rebound, considering that the launcher will be the only one who can not finish if not from the goalkeeper clearance.

The referee should whistle: at kickoff, either early in the game, early in the 2nd half or after 1 goal. It also beeps to launch or a penalty double penalty and the shot if that is the 5th team or to caution a player.

No need to beep when the player on the receiving team wants the ball quickly resume the game, for which the ball must be stationary and the place that the lack, if not repeat the referee orders the release occurred. Not so when the chute launcher offense against the opposing player to cause the warning in this case the game continues. 5
This regulation shall not apply to the penalty and double penalty to be taken from the appropriate place and according to the current arrangement described in the previous sections.

You can talk and ask for the ball, so the saying of mine, leave, pásamela, etc. .. a mate is not considered missing. Deceive or attempt to deceive an opponent is a foul.

The goalkeeper was able to spend the time you want the ball, but he can not get his hands unless the pass occurs with chest, head or upper stop of the leg above the knee or involuntarily.

The kick straight to goalkeeper deemed assignment if this gets up the ball with his hands.

In either of the last two points is punished with foul on the edge of the area.

There is no specific time to make the goal keeper, throw or corner. One is punishable by a yellow card if the referee considers it a waste of time, but the play is repeated.
The goalkeeper may not have the ball in his hands more than 5 seconds, if so shall be punished by missing the edge of the area.

There are always accumulated fouls which the referee deems appropriate after giving the advantage of a law and shall inform the offending team loudly and the usher.

The kick midfield to start each period and after each goal should be carried forward opposing players at a minimum distance of 3 meters being. The ball is in play immediately without hitting him who touches the partner, so instead you can already play.


The score you get in the competition will be as follows:

- Won: 3 points
– Drawn Game: 1 point
– Lost Game: 0 points

In case of a tie in the standings by equal points between 2 or more teams tie the following formulas will be used in the following order:

- Goal average direct
– Goal difference (goals for minus goals against)
– Goals
– Tie-breaker or penalties depending on the league.

If any equipment was replaced during the competition, the team shall inbound classification and team calendar substituted. 6


All those facts or circumstances that might motivate irregular sanctions or alter scores, standings or the same course of the competition, will be considered by the committee; so who is this who announce the scope of its decisions and the officers or the results or events, studying each particular case.

The sanctions will be met in the following match penalty, regardless they are ordinary meetings calendar, delayed or advanced.
All championship games that once started were suspended for any reason, the Committee has the power to order repeat or terminate such set a date for its continuation.
However diverse, but always negative causes, such as violence, repeated failure to appear, non-sporting, etc … the Committee may determine the expulsion of any team in the Competition this tank losing 2 matches Similarly so if a team decides to leave the league early also forfeit the entire deposit, the rest of the already paid and no play will make league return after La Pava Sports have substitute.